Dives Mare Seafood

Antonios Foteinos 

Founder of Dives Mare Company

   We welcome you to our company. 

   Dives Mare is engaged in the wholesale trade of Seafood and Shellfish. 

   With a special emphasis on service, the quality of our products and the perfect cooperation with our customers, we strive to provide the best that the fishing products market has with reliability and passion. Our team consists of young people, with fresh ideas and excellent communication skills, utilizing all the knowledge and possibilities of the new era.


We are absolutely interested in extroversion and the opening of new markets in all European countries with the aim of making products of impeccable and special quality available.
With generations of roots in the field of fish and the sea, we know exactly how we can cover every need of our customers.

    Contact us for any cooperation proposal and our company will contact you immediately.
  Thank you